Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Yo, Momma!

7 Things My Mother Told Me That Were Bullshit:

-You're going to poke an eye out.
-Eating broccoli makes you pretty.
-Boys don't marry the cow if they get the milk for free.
-Your hair is actually quite pretty, dear.
-It will only hurt a little.
-Good things come to those who wait.
-You are a very brave girl.

7 Things My Mother Told Me That I Thought Were Bullshit but were Actually True:

-You have a very good brain, so use it.
-Apply sunscreen.

-Take a sweater, just in case.
-Everything in moderation.

-Boys don't give roses to girls who pick noses.

-That peckerwood with the long hair you're dating is all wrong for you.
-No matter how big you get, you still need your Mama.

Happy Birthday, Mom. Thanks for being my anchor in this scary, turbulent sea.


  1. This is so beatiful -- and funny!

    Who WAS that longhair?

  2. LOL very funny and sweet!

  3. What an awesome post.

    Happy Birthday GrandmaKitchenWitch! (May I please borrow, "Boys don't give roses to girls who pick noses?" I think it might just be the answer to the snot garden my daughter is cultivating on her wall...)

  4. Awww! Happy Birthday to your mom!

  5. That is a beautiful tribute! Love the pictures!! Happy Birthday TKW Mama!!

  6. Your mother is one smart woman! She sounds like a sensible Midwestern mama - something I hope to achieve later in life!

  7. Oh, anyone at all, feel free to use the Roses/Noses rhyme. It finally sank in after years of dedicated pickery.

    She IS pretty amazing. Thanks for the birthday wishes!

  8. Such a beautiful post! And happy birthday Mom of Kitch Witch. :)

  9. And I forgot to say LOVE THE PICS, girlfriend!

  10. Lavender, forgot to answer--longhair was an old boyfriend that I dated WAY longer than I should've.

  11. Moms are wise...that's what I tell the boys but they still seem dubious.

  12. This is a lovely little entry - I love it! You know you are a really good writer - you should think about writing a book! :) xxx

  13. PS Love the photos - and don't be jealous - you ate the best fish in Greece remember?! xxx

  14. That last pic is awesome. Love this post. Happy B-day, Mom of TKW!

  15. Love the lists. I'll add...
    Bullshit: it's important to make your bed
    True: everybody looks better with mascara
    Bullshit: most important thing in life is health insurance
    True: mothers are always right

  16. Naptime, you make me laugh.

  17. That was so sweet!!!