Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Why I Almost French-Kissed the Fed-Ex Dude: A Rainy Day Story

Rainy days--the kind where it beats down and just doesn't stop, then stops for a second and gives you hope, and then starts up again with malice--blow. They especially blow with 2 feral critters who cannot be trusted in the same room together.



Yeah. Those kind of days.

We tried to see a movie but it was sold out (there must be more people out there with ferals than I thought).

We did this.

We did this WAY too much.

We had to have a snack every 15 minutes. And then as soon as we got it, we didn't like it any more.

We endured 45 minutes of sheer hideousness and havoc (our fault, all of it) in the doctor's waiting room. Only to hear that we "just gotta wait and see what happens" to that ferocious looking spider bite.

Mommy lost it and made Things 1&2 have quiet time, which is supposed to last an hour but lasted 10 minutes today because Harryboy peed on Minxette's comforter. Harryboy is mad at us for being MIA this month.

Mommy gave up and put on a movie in the man-cave. With popcorn, the 21st snack of the day. And then she spied out of her little eye...the Fed-Ex Dude! With a big old box from Wisconsin! My booty from Grecian Imports had arrived!

When the going gets tough, Mommy makes herself a snack.

The feta from the Kroger passed muster. It was barrel-aged, so it was a little smokier than the ones I ate in Greece, but it still had that lemony back note to it and wasn't crumbly or over-salted.

The olives were bliss. I usually don't even like green olives, but these guys were keepers. I think I'll marinate some of them in lemon zest, bay and oregano.

I heated up the grill pan, brushed the pita with olive oil and toasted that good lookin' fella right up. I have a feeling I am going to have a freezer full of pita the next time I place an order, because they are that good. I thought I'd gotten an okay facsimile earlier this week at Whole Foods, but nope, these were far better.

I ate the entire bowl of tzatziki with the pita, so I decided to leave the Jordan almonds until later. But they are in the pantry, whispering my name.

40 minutes later, the Zoo came up the stairs, clamoring for attention and books and drinks. I decided to send them outside to splash in the puddles. Mommy needed just a few more minutes with herself. Fed-Ex Dude, you rock.


  1. All's well that ends well, right? I hope? :D

  2. That's a nice looking Greek sampler plate you've got there!

  3. I don't know how many days it rained here last week, but we spent most of it inside. Our days sounded exactly like yours, minus the feta. Next time it rains, I'm coming to your place. I hope you don't mind.