Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Hey, Mrs. Craptacular!

Yeah, you. The chick who knows nothing about computers OR photography and blogs anyway?


And I'm grateful that the blogosphere has some generous, kind souls in it. 'Cause that shot of the French Toast? And the Tabbouleh? Kinda sorta not really very good. It's okay to say it, I know. And that blurry tabbouleh was the best outta 20, honest. In the World Ain't Fair Department: My dad has this pesky genetic condition that gives him the tremors. As in, can barely write legibly. And I have it, too. All of my photographs look like I'm shooting IN a moving car in the rain.

I don't really know what to do. I would have my hubby take the snaps, but he took the sucky French Toast pic and thought it was just fine. I guess he has other things to worry about like, oh, saving lives. Dude *is* sorta busy.

My awesome fellow blogger Phoo-D recommended a tripod, which I am looking into. And I'm taking a "Hey, Photography for a Dumbass!" crash course tonight for 2 hours, but really, how much can 2 hours do? Especially if your hands twitch like a hummingbird with Parkinson's.

But I am hoping you'll stick with me--if only for the laughs--and know that I'm trying to learn this stuff. And since I'm always willing to be the butt of my own joke, occasionally I'll post a "Shitty Photo of the Week," just for your amusement. Who said learning has to be serious?

Shitfire, I think I owe the Bad Word Jar 5 bucks after this post.


  1. Hey I just tagged you with an award - come pick it up at my place!

  2. Ha, ha, here's how to get the logo: If you go to my blog and click right on the award itself you should get just the award on it's own page. Then if you right click on the image you can save it to your desktop (or where ever you want to save it on your computer) When right clicking on the image choose "Save Picture As..." Then you create a new blog post and just upload the picture you saved. You know how to do that part right? (I can help if you need.) The rest of my post can be copied and pasted into your post, just change it to be your own.

  3. Pickled Asparagus Spears

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  4. Now I liked the composition of the french toast shot! Nice angle. Hope that the class goes well.

  5. You are so kind, Phoo-D. I'll tell hubby you approve--I showed him your burger and his jaw dropped.

    Can't you just move next door to me so I don't have to figure this photography stuff out?

  6. You can get tripods pretty cheap, too. Some come with levels in them so you can angle it perfectly. And then set the timer on the camera and you're set! (Although, honestly, you shouldn't be so hard on your photography. I always know what you've shot and it ALWAYS makes me hungry...)

  7. I love you guys. You are always so supportive. I did look into tripods, but the good ones were almost as expensive as the new camera I got which has TREMOR control...am I excited or what? Still, do not expect great photos because I am, well, me. xoxo