Sunday, October 25, 2009

Not All People are Assholes: 3

Here are some more awesome bloggers for you guys! Hope you all are enjoying the weekend. We are!

Check these talented bloggers out:

Robin for her loving, poetic spirit.
Jessica for her daily struggles with the cutest blonde on the planet.
Theycallmejane for her dry wit.
Fae for never letting me forget that I am DONE.
Jen because she is right: Mama did Never Say There Would Be Days Like This!

Off to soak up some Sin City sun!


  1. Thanks TKW! That blonde has me exhausted today...:)

  2. Thanks KW.....I Love your Blog.....

  3. Hey I'm not an asshole after all.....good to know! Seriously thank you for making my day. You know I love your blog.

  4. You're so sweet to mention me and my blog! Thanks, KW! And you know how much I love visiting you! I've gotten the best inspriation here!