Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Mother's Day: An Update

I thought I should update you on Miss D's Mother's Day Project--you know, the one I was afraid of because I'm no longer as popular as last year's Sugary Snack Mom?

When Miss D. told me that her class was making a book about Mommy for Mother's Day this year, I thought here we go. I'm still stinging from the shame of last year's Mother's Day project.

Turns out, I'm a lucky devil, because the project was a book but only one page was directly about me. I still knew I was toast, but a page I could maybe deal with.

The project was a cookbook, and the kids drew pictures to match the recipes. The recipes they chose for the book were 1)Applesauce 2)Pumpkin seeds 3)Butter 4)Turkey 5)Peace 6)A Great Mom.

The kids also wrote out the recipes, which is always comical when you're dealing with 7 year olds. For example, take the recipe for Turkey:

First: We buy it an take the rapr off an wohs your hands.
Next: Wohs the turkey. An tack stuff out.
Then: We bake it.
Last: We eat!

Ah, if my Thanksgiving task were truly that easy. What a lovely concept. I'm actually wicked impressed that she included the step about "taking stuff out" because I actually forgot that step the first time I made a turkey.

I also really liked her "recipe" for Peace:

Peace is like a sigl glem in the sea.
Peace looks like the heart of frebship.
It sounds like the wind of a violin.
It can be pes of the earth and sun.
Peace is always a heart of a frend.

The last page was the "recipe" for a Good Mommy. I turned the page with trepidation and a slight wince.

At the top of the page was a brainstorming section. Before writing the formal "recipe" the kids wrote out a list of things they loved about their mommy.

Miss D's brainstorming session looked like this:

makeing me trets.
kissis me.

Well shit. At least I'm consistent, I guess.

The actual recipe looked like this:

First: she makes me pizza. she alwas puts peprone on it.
Then: makes me trets. She nos I love bullseyes.

Last: She kissis me. She makes the best kissis.

This year, my little minx, I am keeping the project.


  1. Awesome, you are a great mom so glad you will have those little things to look back at during the teen years, you will need it.

  2. First of all, LOOK AT THAT FACE! She's gorgeous. Second, what a wonderful gift. I got all weepy just reading this.

  3. That is just the sweetest. Seriously. Adorable. I think I'm actually on a sugar high right now from all the sweetness. So cute!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Aww that is so cute! You kid is such a foodie too! Pizza! :) xxx

  5. Pizza is BIG in our house, CC :)

  6. OMG, that is the best gift! Definitely a keeper!

    P.S. She is adorable!!

    (Could I have used any more exclamation points? Sorry!!)

  7. The whole recipe concept is so cute! And how 'bout some props to "the wind of the violin"! How did she know how to spell that?

    Very cute.

  8. How sweet!! And you know all the other kids were wishing they had a mom that bought them sugary'll be the house they all want to hang out at, so there!! :)

  9. TS17: We are already the neighborhood hub. We have milanos (cookies, not the shoes--can't afford those) and sun chips and goldfish and popsicles and twizzlers.

    Our house, I've decided is this: [Sung to the tune of "Funky Town"]

    We are---Junky Town!
    Love us/Hate us
    Still Junky Town
    Wanna Twinkie?
    Call Junky Town....

    Too humiliated to do the rest.

  10. And yeah, I do know it's Manolos, not Milanos, but I am Mrs. Target and wouldn't spend 600 bucks on shoes that I coulsn't walk in. But they would make me look thinner.....

    Eh, fuckit, I am 40 and have decided to MILITANTLY not give a shit about what people think of me. There really are some good things about growing up.