Friday, May 22, 2009

Gibby-Hot-Tuna/White Trash Food Party Coming in June!

Hey, y'all! I'm fixin' to have me a White Trash Party in June, when life gets back to normal! Any Colorado bloggers/friends (or any out of state ones who want to breeze on over) are invited...start looking for your ultimate White Trash Food Recipe now!

And I will have some healthy food there, too :)

If you have any dates in June that are definitely OUT, please give me a head's up and I will try to plan accordingly.

PS: You gotta wear ONE clothing item that is white trash, also. But I promise I will not serve MD 20/20 on ice.



  1. i am making the ultimate white trash recipe for dinner this week, for real. embarassingly i served it to my husband a couple times in law school and he likes it well enough for me to make it the last week of the month when we are really stretching the groceries!

    it's called . . . . . Tater Tot casserole . . . LOL . . . ground beef, onions, mushrooms, cream of mushroom soup, tator tots and cheese.


  2. Someone *has* to make the white trash specialty we had last week in Missouri:
    green jello, cool whip, shredded coconut, marhsmallows, and pistachios

    and *please* have a grits medley for me (I do this at my parties because it's good: a cheesy grits dish next to a brown-sugar-butter grits dish next to a sour-cream-chive grits dish next to a sun-dried tomato and sliced green olive grits dish. You cannot have enough grits.)

  3. OMG, hysterical!!!!! I wish I lived closer. I might have to join the party virtually. I'll make my own tuna casserole and I JUST MIGHT get some Mad Dog. I'm not scared.

  4. Damn! I'm going to be in Colorado in JULY!

  5. Maybe we could put it off until Mayberry is around! When are you going to be in our neck of the woods?

    Tater tot casserole--hilarious!

    Gibby, you will be there in spirit. I'll even make hot tuna in your honor.

    Nap, I've never eaten that weird? And I think the cool whip dish is white trash ambrosia!

  6. I am so sad I can't make it! I love white trash balls- a friend of mine from Ohio introduced me to them last year. I mean what is there not to love about green olives wrapped in pastry then rolled in parmesan cheese- awesome!

  7. Camilla, those sound good! Salt+fat+cheese=yum!