Thursday, May 6, 2010

Mommy Time--do you take it?

All joking aside, please join me (and some other seriously wonderful bloggers) over at Heather's site Brotherly Love this week.

Heather's emphasis this week, in honor of Mother's Day, is the importance of taking time out for ourselves, to take care of ourselves. Because, as my family knows...if Momma Ain't Happy, Ain't Nobody Happy.

So take a minute, grab some tea and a cookie, or whatever pleases you, and join me over at Brotherly Love!


  1. Oh yes, all mothers take heed! I think Bobby Flay looks like Howdy Doody too! But, that recipe looks and sounds delicious!

    Thanks for visiting!

    Have a wonderful Mothers' Day!


  2. LOL! Love that card cover. I should send this one to mom. I hope you have a wonderful Mother's Day!

  3. Hey Kitch, hope there is a wonderful salty treat waiting for you on Mother's Day.

  4. Heart this card and heart you!

  5. Nice post over at Brotherly Love.
    And a warning I can get behind.
    I make a visit to my dermatologist every three months AND have had a chemical face and chest peel. My generation did not take care of their skin in the sun. We loved baby oil and tin foil off season.
    I am sorry to say I did not take very good care of my kids, either, because nothing was mentioned about sunburn and cancer back then.
    Although I did get them to wear long sleeved t-shirts and zinc oxide on their noses in the water most of the time. They are grown now and so far, so good.
    Living in Florida is tough when you have a fair complexion!

  6. You rock! I'll get over there soon.

  7. Thanks Kitch for hanging out with me this week! I feel honored to share such an important post. I too was always lax in my skin care in my younger years. I have since changed my evil ways and am best buds with my dermatologist (seriously, she recognized me when we saw each other at a recent festival!). I've been very fortunate with my outcome thus far and hope it remains that way.
    Thanks again!

  8. That card IS funny, but... it's kinda true too, huh? Let's ALL take some time for ourselves this weekend.... Thanks for sharing the post...

  9. I think Heather had a great idea this week and we all need to make sure we do take time for ourselves!!

  10. I love what a friend told me when my first was just 18 months - I don't take 'mommy time', I take 'Angela time,' because before I was a mom, I was me.
    So I take Kate time. But not enough.

  11. I love the pic because that's my family and me.

  12. Sadly I have not been able to really... Anything more I say will be a serious indictment on my spouse so I will stop right here. This has all been making me extremely sad...