Monday, December 14, 2009

For the Original Minx

I've got me a name, but just call me Miss D.
'Cause I'm 100 percent different--
But that's all right with me!

I've got hog-wild, nappy, disobedient
Hair--it springs into life
When it hits the air.

My mom tries to tame it with creams, gels and combs
But my hair's got spunk--
A mind of its own!

My skin is a marvel!
It's not black, brown or white
It's a mix of them all
And on me, it's just right.

I've got licorice legs
And ashy, knock-knees,
But they carry me graceful
And light through the breeze.

I've got thirteen freckles
On each of my feet
But they move just like lightning
When I dance to the beat.

I can't ride a bike
And I'm hopeless at sums
But I throw magnificent parties
And everyone comes.

I love hummus, tandoori
Collards and trout
But don't hand me a hot dog,
Those things freak me out!

I play the French horn,
The bassoon and kazoo--
The flute's much too quiet
I think so, don't you?

My mom calls me Pickle Breath,
And my dad calls me Toot!
But they say it with love
So I think it's cute.

If you tell me a joke?
I'll never laugh quiet--
I guffaw and I snort
'Cause I think life's a riot.

I mix dots, stripes and plaid
When I'm dressing my best,
But I never wear beige--
It makes me depressed.

It's true that I'm different
But my spirit is free.
I'm crazy, happy and nappy--
It's good to be me!

Happy Birthday to the self-proclaimed, "Best Girl in the World." And aren't you, though.


  1. Happy birthday, Miss D.! This is a darling poem -- she's going to cherish it someday :)

  2. Happy, happy birthday to your lucky, smart, gorgeous girl!

  3. Can I please have a birthday in your family? Happy Birthday Miss D!

  4. What a sweet post! Happy birthday to your girl :)

  5. Happy, happy birthday you sweet, darling girl! What a fantastic poem to commemorate her special day! Aren't you the talented mom?

  6. what a lovely lovely post.
    love the poem and how it rhymes :)
    happy birthday to you, miss d!

  7. Happy, happy birthday to the sweet
    Miss D! I can't wait to see what wonderful food you make to celebrate.

  8. Friggin' adorable. I can only hope that when she's old enough to go back and read this she isn't mortified.

    Scratch that. She will almost definitely be mortified if she reads this between the ages of 12 and 17. I just hope she takes it in stride and gives you a hug then, too - 'cause it seems like you're a pretty swell mom.

  9. Awww, Happy birthday Miss D! It's great to have a mom who lets you be just you! She's so creative! I love the pictures.

  10. love your poem!! happy birthday baby D!

  11. Life's a riot and beige suxx. Tru dat.

    Keep dancing Miss D :)

  12. Happy Birthday Miss D....This made me smile in the wee hours of the morn.

  13. Happy happy birthday Miss D! This is a super cute poem!

  14. Late to the party but Happy Birthday, Miss D!

  15. Happy Birthday Miss D! What a wicked-kick-ass poem! Really gets across your personality! Love it! xxx

  16. What a great ode to Miss D.! Happy day to her:)

  17. Awww, cute! Happy Birthday, Miss D!

  18. Hope Miss D has a happy birthday.

  19. Awwwwww....happy birthday Miss D!!! (you've made me cry again. damnit.)

  20. That is just the SWEETEST poem! She'll treasure that!

    What a cutie! I love that bodacious hair! I mean, how often does one see hair with personality?!

  21. "I love hummus, tandoori
    Collards and trout
    But don't hand me a hot dog,
    Those things freak me out!"

    that's definitely my favorite line of this fantastic poem. you've gotta love a girl who knows what she likes! :)

  22. Awwww. Awesome poem. I love it.

    And today is my Baby Girl's big day. She's 5.

  23. Please consider submitting this as a ghost writer for Shel Silverstein's next collection of poems. (Is he still alive?) Happy birthday, Miss D!

  24. Always late. Always. Another thing to add to my list.

    Happy birthday to a wonderful, lucky little girl :)

  25. that was so much fun to read! I loved it.

    Happy Birthday to your sweet girl!

  26. Aww, Happy birthday Miss Thang!

    Beautiful Pictures as usual.

  27. Lovely. Smiling.

    And Happy Birthday to her!!!

  28. This is better than Donna Reed. What a wonderful tribute to the kind of mom you are! Happy Birthday!

  29. Happy, Happy Birthday, Miss D! If you're even half as wonderful as the person the poem describes, you are one incredible little lady!

  30. This is too fabulous! I hope it was a wonderful day!

  31. Lovely! Just lovely! She seems like one of those people who just naturally GLOW.

  32. Happy Birthday Miss D! What a great poem and tribute! I'm sure this is one she'll love to look back on some day.

  33. This was so sweet!! Hope she had a wonderful birthday!

  34. Happy belated, Miss D! And KW, will you write me a poem for my next birthday? You have almost a whole year.

  35. Oh the sweetney sweetness. I absolutely adore this, Kitch.

    Happy birthday to your little girl. You (both) made it!

  36. You're a poet and I didn't know it!!! Happy Birthday!! Love this post.