Sunday, July 5, 2009

A Good Day for a Parade

This year, the neighborhood kids thought a 4th of July parade was a smashing idea. We agreed.

Lore and the girls worked for hours in the garage, giggling in secrecy. Knowing my girls, I suspected there would be bling involved.

Naturally, Miss D. opted for head gear. Screw safety y'all, it's about looking like royalty.

There's a great thing about small towns. Friends are always hanging around, ready to join you for a ride.

We pimped out our rides and declared the day a huge success. Happy Independence Day!


  1. Ah when I grew up in the US we had such fun for Old Home day decorating our bikes and carts! Was always my favourite day of the year! Hope the girls and you had fun! xxx

  2. Oh, how wonderful! Thanks for sharing these. Looks like a blast.

  3. Love the DIY celebration of the fourth! So apropos for celebrating Independence!

  4. Beautiful photographs, TKW.

    I love the decorations.