Wednesday, April 29, 2009

We Interrupt this Blog for...

A life. I know, you thought I didn't have one, did you? And most days, weeks, months of the year, I would completely agree with you.

But this May? My life is completely jacked up.

The Good:

Hubby and I leave for Houston tomorrow night, where we'll drop the kiddos off with some very energetic, very nice grandparents. And then we head to New York and then Athens. I am praying that we do not contract the swine flu on our brief layover in New York. That would be a total Buzzkill, wouldn't you say?

The Bad:

After our Greece trip, hubby and I split up in New York. He flies home to work for the next week. I fly to Houston to help with the preparations for my sister-in-law's wedding. The helping I don't mind. The wedding I don't mind because SIL is really happy. The bad is the timing of the thing and the fact that it's an Indian wedding (well, half of it is) and, if you don't know this about Indian weddings, those things last for DAYS. And Indian weddings are also HUGE. And I don't know any other people at this wedding other than my sister-in-law and my in-laws. And unfortunately for me, I hate people.

I do. It's a most unattractive trait and it's humiliating to admit but people and I? We just don't do well together. And I have to wear a sari, which is fine except that I feel ridiculous in one. We pale blonde folk look stupid in saris. Indians look great, but not us. And I'll be wearing a bindi on my forehead. And no, I will not be posting any pictures of how ridiculous I look.

The Ugly:

After the wedding, we are home for 4.5 days and then the entire family is DisneyWorld. Amusement.Parks.Suck.Ass. Enough said.

And My Point, And I Do Have One, is:

I started this damn blog and now I'm going to have to abandon it, in essence, for several weeks. And I've gotten kind of attached to my new bloggy friends and my favorite bloggy sites and I'll miss you. I will try to check in and update but it's going to be pretty lame and pretty thin for a bit. Please, please hang in there with me. I'll be back.

Hopefully with some kick-ass stories about Athens/Santorini/Crete and The Big Fat Indian Wedding and......Hades.

And if your May is half as crazy as mine and you feel like you never can catch a break--or your breath--click on one of these links and escape to Greece with me. I'd love some company.





  1. That's annoying as crap. And I can't fix it. Why did the size of the font keep changing and getting bigger? ARRRRGGGGGGGG

  2. You should be able to fix the font size in Edit Post. :)

    Hope your trip is WONDERFUL and know that when you return, we'll be here waiting for more fun awesome Kitchen Witch tales!

  3. Wasn't the font supposed to get bigger? I thought it was a cool Willy Wonka kind of effect. Wow. Your month of May sounds INTENSE. But I will be eager to hear about it, along with tales of new family dinners, when you return. And don't worry, we will not forget you! We will keep you link alive.

  4. GoodEnough, you give me far too much credit for creativity. I am just a RETARD.

    Ink, I tried and tried that and nope, no dice, it's not lettin' me.

    So sorry guys if that annoys the shit out of you. I will miss you crazy broads!

  5. Wow. I was going to try the big type thing, too, because I thought it was cool.

    I promise to hang around. If you promise a photo of you in the sari :-)

  6. Magpie, you play dirty. I will post a picture of me in a sari (WITH a dot on my head) *if* you teach me how to bake.

    I will pay for plane ticket. You scared yet?

  7. Ok, here's what you do.

    1. Go to Edit Post.
    2. When the box with your post in it opens, select all the text, then go up to the top of the box on the left side, where there is the big T and the bigger T next to it. Click on that.
    3. There should be a pull-down menu with different sizes. Select Normal. That should make all your text the same size.
    4. Publish Post.

    Though I thought you did it on purpose and it looks cool. But these are instructions for any post with size issues. :)

  8. Ink, you rock. It's just that simple. You are the nicest person, and thanks so much for walking me through it, but DUDE, I swear to you I did that 5 times and in NO way did it work.

    I think I have Beelzebub living in my stinking computer. It's been doing crazy shit for two weeks, and sure, it could be user-error, because I am a RETARD, but stuff I used to do that *used* to work? Not happening.

    Yours incompetently,

  9. Ok, I'm going to try. And you don't have to approve this note since I'm just letting you know.

  10. Ok, so here's what. You have to go into Edit Post, then highlight it all, then click on the eraser on the far right top of the box. (I'm assuming that you are copy and pasting from another program, right?) Then you can highlight it all, and click "Normal" to make sure it's uniform. Now. Here's the thing: when you do that, it also erases your italicizings and maybe links, so I maybe just erased those if you had any in that last post. I'm sorry! But the font is all the same size now...

  11. Sounds like a mega hectic month ahead of you! Will miss hearing about your adventures so just make sure you come back and update us with lots of stories!! xxx
    PS I'm sure you won't too so bad in your outfit!

  12. Oh my goodness, all of these nice people out there. You are going to force me to post a photo just to PROVE that I look like a total ass-clown. Which I do, because they've made me wear a sari and a dot before, so believe me, I know. LOL!

  13. Well, hope you have at the fun parts and the unfun parts don't suck ass as bad as they could if you actually do contract swine flu which I totally hope you don't. And, the whole hating people thing, don't beat yourself up about it, for some of us it's a way of life:)

  14. Wow...KitchWitch went to Greece and all I got was this DC t-shirt.

    Have safe travels!

    See you when you return.

  15. Come on, you HAVE to post pictures of you in a sari!!! And then lots of pictures of Greece. Have a wonderful trip!

  16. Ummmm, I've already asked...please, please can I come to Greece with you???? I won't even bother you, because luckily, I hate people too!!! (Which is why I blog, LOL!)

    Anyhow, have fun on your 10,000 trips, can't wait for all your stories when you get back.

  17. I would miss my blog too if I were gone. I can't wait to hear all about your May when you get back!!! Safe travels, TKW!

  18. Have a fun trip :)

    I think you'll find that everyone is right where you left them upon your return!